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Find Your Flow


Solo training is essential to the path to proficiency in WingChun. Training alone without distraction lets you focus intensely on your technique at your own pace. It is like moving meditation. After a while, you get into a state of flow.

Flow is a state when you are in the moment. It is when you adapt to situations. You do not overthink. You do not panic. You just handle it. But to get to this level, you’ve got to practice.

The Stages Of Progression To Your Solo Training Routine


Forms contain fundamental techniques and their positions and principles to be used as a reference in your training. The techniques are done in a sequence that flow from one to another, which makes them easy to remember and pass along to others.


An application is a sequence of techniques from the forms, but the order is how you would apply them in a fighting situation. Usually, applications contain only a few techniques for the best case outcome like a successful combination or block then counter-strike.


Flow is a hybrid of the two previous progressions. The purpose is to chain techniques together making your movement fluid. When just beginning, it is a continuous pattern of techniques sequenced together. The ultimate goal is to let your creativity flow without fixed patterns in shadowboxing.

Are you ready to find your flow? Our unique video program consists of solo WingChun exercises for building focus, coordination, and fitness.